How to Grow a Business?

First Step in Digital Marketing

  • If your business need a website, the first step is to plan for Domain Registration,Identify a website Builder. if you are  well established and financially growing with good profits in your Business, then build a mobile application too, having in mind about your target customer.Advertising in Social Media,Paid Search Results,SEO, Affiliate Membership are the very essential part of Digital Marketing.

List your Product or Service / Sell your Product or Service

  1. Analyse whether you can host your website with existing ECommerce Platform.
  2. If you own established or stable business model, then you can create your own ECommerce Platform by using a highly impressive keyword during Domain registration .
  3. List your Business in Local Search Engine or Yellow Pages or Classifieds,etc..
  4. Digital Marketing includes Email or SMS or WhatsApp Campaign
  5. If you have minimal technical knowledge, then you can opt for Website Builder.

Typical requirements

  1. Domain Registration with a Familar Name & Identify a Hosting Platform
  2. How you build ECommerce platform i.e using a website builder or your own Development team?
  3. Payment Gateway Integration
  4. Notification System to be used i.e either SMS Or EMail or Whatsapp, Since Email Marketing, SEO,Affiliate Marketing are part of Digital Marketing.